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How to get wrecked by your Twitch chat


1. Go in the main settings

2. Select “Link Account” in the Twitch Tab


3. You’ll be asked to login to Twitch in your default web browser


4. Twitch will ask you to grant Hellpoint some permissions


5. Once done, the Twitch tab in game should display some options


6. If the in game tab doesn’t update, you may need

to restart the game.


The tab will have the following options:

  • Unlink Account: This unbinds the Twitch account from your game. Note that the identification used is your Steam/ GoG /Epic account ID. A Twitch account can be linked to many instances of the game, but not the other way around.

  • Replay Markers: Apply automatically localized replay markers for events such as death, boss fights and other meaningful in game events.

  • Death Counter: Announce in chat how many times the main player died.

  • Enable Chat Bot: Allow the chat bot to answer to chat commands. (See next page)

  • Allow Voting: Enable chat bot votes. This allows chat to vote for in game effects. (See next page)

7. Chatbot


Unlike other game, there’s no need to install or add a chatbot to your Twitch applications. The chatbot joins and leave your channel automatically when the game is bound to your Twitch account and the game is running. The chat bot is powered by the game itself; if the game is closed, the chatbot is offline.


When the chatbot shows up, it should post a message along the line of
“Reporting for duty.” or “Present."


In case your channel is for “followers only”, the chatbot will attempt to follow it.

•!help : Returns a list of all available
•!who : Returns the player’s name
•!where : Returns the current map being explored
•!level : Returns the player’s level
•!stats : Returns the player’s stats
•!death : Returns how many time the player has died this session
•!vote : Starts a 2 mins vote time for 3 random in game effects
•!v1 - !v2 - !v3 : Vote for one of the effects

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